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As the old adage goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why do we so often rush out the door without eating a proper meal? Many of us find ourselves in a breakfast rut, eating the same old, same old every morning. So why not get inspired by breakfasts from around the world? Taking a few extra minutes in the morning to try something new might be a fun way to eat a balanced meal - why not give it a try? France: Crepes These paper thin pancakes are a delicious savory way to start your day. The best part: you can customize with your favorite fillings! In France, crepes are topped or filled with all kinds of fantastic flavors. You could try a traditional crepe with ham, cheese, and Dijon mustard, or a tasty breakfast crepe with bacon, egg, and avocado. Perhaps best of all, you can make a sweet dessert crepe with chocolate and banana. You could also enjoy them with some simple butter and syrup - why not? You can’t go wrong with this light, airy delicacy Russia: Semolina porridge Traditionally, Russians eat lots of porridge. This breakfast porridge, sometimes known as ‘manka,’ is a simple, creamy breakfast dish of milk, semolina, butter, and a bit of sugar. Semolina porridge was popular during hard times in the Soviet Union, as the dish was fairly inexpensive to make and could feed a large family. While the dish is very simple, it is notoriously difficult to make properly - made incorrectly, unpleasant lumps can form and ruin the texture of this milky porridge. Russians still eat plenty of the stuff, so why not try making Manka for a little taste of history. You can always top with fruit or berries to add a little extra color and flavor.   England: Traditional English breakfast If you have some time on the weekend, why not try a great big English breakfast? Locally made sausages and bacon are the protein that will stick to your bones, while some nicely roasted tomatoes and fried mushrooms help to balance all that grease. Warm baked beans and toast keep you full all day, and freshly cooked eggs round out this feast in style. If you’re looking for a really authentic taste of England, you could include black pudding. This ‘delicacy’ is a dark colored sausage made of pig’s blood mixed with oats and some fat. Historically, the dish was created so that none of the animal would go to waste, and the tradition of black pudding continues to this day. For some people, making an interesting, healthy breakfast can be a challenge. We are often in a rush, especially during the work week, and might need a little extra help. Sometimes a daily food service is a great option to help you and your family get a wholesome, simple start to your day.
Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift? Three nice bottles of wine can make a fantastic wedding present: One to be opened on their first anniversary, one for their fifth anniversary, and a really nice one for their 10th. It is a gift that presents beautifully and has a nice personalized touch. It is also the kind of gift that keeps on giving, building excitement and anticipation while the couple grows alongside the finely aging wines.
You may be thinking of some anciently preserved food that you have never heard of, but the only food that doesn’t spoil is probably sitting in your cupboard right now: honey! Read on to learn more about this intriguing food.
Most people are addicted to sugar. There is no way around it, and marketers feed this addiction. Anytime you watch TV you likely see the commercials for sugary cereals and ice cream treats. Sometimes the companies even try to convince you that these foods are healthy, using words like “less sugar” or “organic.” However, no matter how it’s masked or communicated, there is no way to hide that Americans have a sugar problem.
Whether you have a tiny Gordon Ramsey or a picky eater, all children should learn how to cook. As kids grow older and gain responsibility, begin giving them the tools and know-how they need to feed themselves.
With all the focus on the dress and the venue, food tends to be forgotten, but it is a cost that can sneak up on any couple. Here are a few ways to cut catering costs to stay within budget this wedding season.
A picnic is the perfect backdrop to the summer. Friends, sunshine and delicious food. What’s not to like? 
You just walked in the door from a long day at work and the kids are already fighting in the living room over who gets to use the new toy from grandma.
You might think that finding healthy filling snacks on the go is hard, but it’s really not! Finding healthy snacks that fill you up is easier than ever nowadays.
Although many people choose to get married in the warm weather, there are some that prefer the winter weather when it comes to having their weddings.
Surprising your friends with a delicious breakfast doesn’t have to be overly complicated. We naturally want to make something elaborate to impress the people we care about, but sometimes, quick and easy is very sophisticated.
Birthdays are the one day a year where you have the full authority to treat yourself to a special event surrounded by your favorite people. However, planning a party can end up feeling more like a chore than the hassle-free, relaxed get-together you had in mind. Renting a venue, decorating, overseeing set up, and getting to and from the event, can all start to feel like more of a pain than a party. You want a celebration that reflexes your personality and style.
So you know who to invite and what to wear, but the party planning isn’t quite over yet. A great party features a fun atmosphere and tasty food. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a quiet brunch gathering or a huge fete—with the right elements in place, you can put together an unforgettable shindig. Here are a few ways to make your next private party shine.
Whether you are working for a large corporation, a standard office, or anywhere in-between, the need to hire a catering company might come up eventually. Often, catering companies are contacted and asked about their menus and most popular dishes. Here are some of the most-popular menu ideas for a corporate catering event.
Throwing a party for children can be difficult. You have to be the leader, and plan the whole event through on your own – the entertainment, venue, decorations, and, of course, food. The food part can be very difficult in itself, because children, unlike adults, enjoy simple and tasty meals, and they aren’t very handy with utensils just yet, so if you want to avoid cleaning up a huge mess afterwards, you need to be quite careful about what you serve.
Your wedding is all about you, and this year’s wedding catering trends encourage you to make the food at your celebration truly unique. Couples are including all of their favorite meals in their menus, and celebrating who you are is the key to a trendy wedding this year. From brunch receptions, to champagne towers and custom-made cakes, weddings in 2017 are one of a kind.
Your wedding is all about you, and this year’s wedding catering trends encourage you to make the food at your celebration truly unique. Couples are including all of their favorite meals in their menus, and celebrating who you are is the key to a trendy wedding this year. From brunch receptions, to champagne towers and custom-made cakes, weddings in 2017 are one of a kind.
Summer is in the air, and we bet you know what that means - the season for BBQs and garden parties begins! And who doesn’t like to sit outside, enjoy a delicious meal and the beautiful weather in the company of their friends and family? Our team at Coast Chef certainly knows how to throw a BBQ and we’re here to help you create the perfect atmosphere during your party.
Graduation is a big and important day, worthy of an elaborate celebration. And if you’re planning the party, one of your main concerns most likely is what to serve your guests. If you’re hosting the party at your home, you have two options: cook yourself or have the event catered. Both options work great - cooking is fun when you have lots of help, and catering removes the element of stress when you have a crowd coming over to celebrate. 
With spring barging into our gardens and knocking on our doors, households are getting ready to welcome the spring holidays into their homes. If you, just like our catering team, like to plan ahead and are on a quest to make this year’s Easter remarkable, we have some menu and table decoration ideas that could help you. 
Vegetarian and vegan diets are increasing in popularity. In fact, about 7.3 million Americans follow a vegetarian-based diet, and 22.8 million follow a diet that is vegetarian-inclined. Some people have been vegetarians for all their lives due to religious, personal beliefs or health factors, some have decided to remove meat from their diet years ago, and others are just joining in now. There are many reasons to follow this lifestyle - not only do vegetarians and vegans spare animals and feel more energetic, in many cases, they are also more healthy.
When you’re looking for something your guests will truly enjoy, you can’t go wrong with Mexican food catering. This colorful cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes - and each of them seems like it’s more delicious than the last, and the rich flavor with just enough of a twist creates the perfect festive mood for corporate theme parties, your birthday party or any other celebration.
Hosting parties can be great fun. However, spending hours cooking can often make you too tired to socialize, which is not fun at all, and cleaning up your home after everyone leaves can be just too exhausting.

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