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Graduation Party Catering Menu Ideas for a Celebration to Remember

Graduation is a big and important day, worthy of an elaborate celebration. And if you’re planning the party, one of your main concerns most likely is what to serve your guests. If you’re hosting the party at your home, you have two options: cook yourself or have the event catered. Both options work great - cooking is fun when you have lots of help, and catering removes the element of stress when you have a crowd coming over to celebrate. 

No matter which way you decide to go to, you definitely need to create a menu for the party. Depending on the time, location and guestlist, you’ll need to make sure everyone has enough of everything, and that even the pickiest of your guests will find something they can eat to make your event truly successful. To make it easier for you, our catering team has plenty of ideas to help you make your graduation party delicious and memorable. 

Graduation party menu ideas

The key point to remember is to keep it simple. Select up to 5-7 dishes to serve, include a cake and refreshments, and concentrate on celebrating with your guests. All of these dishes are fairly easy to make and are delicious as well as simple to serve. Just to be safe that everyone has something to eat, we recommend including a vegetarian option to your menu. And don’t forget to serve the favorite snack of the one who’s graduating!

Whether you’re celebrating with your family and your closest friends, or hosting a grand celebration, here are our graduation party menu ideas to make your celebration a well-deserved hit.

Sandwich Platters

  • BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with root beer barbecue sauce  
  • Slow cooker pulled barbecue chicken sandwiches
  • Grilled bacon wrapped hot dogs
  • Vegetarian wraps
  • Cuban pork wraps
  • Spicy chicken wraps
  • Grilled chicken caesar wraps


  • Salmon Niçoise salad
  • Honey lime fruit salad
  • Mediterranean chicken salad
  • Caprese salad
  • Shrimp & avocado salad


  • Sliced fresh fruit platter
  • Graduation cake
  • Graduation cap cupcakes
  • Berry mini cheesecakes


  • Watermelon punch
  • Strawberry limeade punch
  • Sunrise Shirley Temple
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Sorbet-topped cocktails

Celebrate at ease with graduation party catering

Want to concentrate on decorations rather than spend hours by the stove? We offer graduation party catering services that let you celebrate at ease. Our team will help you craft a customized menu that includes all of your favorites and deliver the food to your venue or cook it on-site and serve it to your guests. We do our best to accommodate your needs, so if you want something - just say the word and we will do it! 

Let’s make your graduation tasty! You can always reach us at (619) 304-0450 or by filling our online catering request form.

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