Catering delivery services in San Diego

For your convenience, most of our menus are available for pickup and delivery. All of our meals are packaged for easy self service, and we prepare and deliver all of our meals on time.

Listed below you will find our delivery and pickup options.

Take Home orders are simple - you tell us what to cook and if or when you want it delivered, and we do it. Upon your request, we can adjust portion sizes, and include vegetarian or gluten free options. This type of delivery is usually used for smaller menus.

Door to door delivery involves us preparing your selected menu, delivering it to your home and providing serving services for you and your guests to enjoy. You can also choose to have your food dropped off and do your own serving, and, if necessary, rent the heating equipment from us.

Special events catering includes every service required for your event. This means that we will not only prepare, but also present your selected menu to your guests at a venue of your choice. Our highly trained staff will make your event worry free and impress your guests.

Business Catering offers food menus for business meetings, seminars and other business related functions. The menu for business catering usually consists of popular meals that every guest will enjoy, but if you would like something exceptional to impress your business partners, simply name it and we will cook it.

These are the main delivery and pickup options that we offer, however, if you have any special requests, simply tell us and we will do our best to meet your needs and expectations. You can always reach Coast Chef via phone at (619) 304-0450 or our contact form.

Everything is possible with Coast Chef

Express your character and mood through the food at your event. Customized menus, savory meals, creative presentation, professional service - all this and more is what our catering company brings to your table. Let’s talk!