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Kid’s Party Catering Ideas

Throwing a party for children can be difficult. You have to be the leader, and plan the whole event through on your own – the entertainment, venue, decorations, and, of course, food. The food part can be very difficult in itself, because children, unlike adults, enjoy simple and tasty meals, and they aren’t very handy with utensils just yet, so if you want to avoid cleaning up a huge mess afterwards, you need to be quite careful about what you serve.

Fortunately, our team has invaluable experience in catering for kid’s birthday parties and here are our suggestions on how to make your kid’s party an easy and memorable event.

Finger foods

A great way to keep it simple and convenient for the kids is to offer delicious finger foods. The little ones will feel more freely when they can just have a little bit of this and that as they play around, rather than having to sit through a three course meal all at once. This will also help you keep things from getting messy – the kids are much less likely to create a mess when eating bite-sized sandwiches, than when using utensils to eat soups, pasta or meat with sauces. The Coast Chef team recommends mini sandwich platters, mini burgers, mini hotdogs, pigs in blankets, veggies with dip, chicken nuggets, pizza pops, and breadsticks.

Desert is the most important meal in kid’s parties

While adults sure enjoy their entrees, the dessert is the most important meal in kid’s parties, and the little ones are always eager to get their hands on the sweet treats. Some parties will limit the dessert to colorful and fresh fruit platters, but most will include a creative cake, decorated specifically for the party. If you prefer neither of the two options, you can substitute the cake with a delicious pie, cupcakes or beautifully frosted cookies, just make sure the treats are just as beautiful as they are sweet.

Kid’s party catering makes celebrations easy

If you want to throw a party for your little one but don’t feel so excited about making all the food, partnering up with experienced kid’s party caterers like the Coast Chef team can be a great idea. With the food planned out, prepared and served, all you will have to do will be to look after the kids and have a fun time celebrating with them. Once you start working with us, you will find yourself willing to ask for more help during any event you may host – and we will be eager to help you. We offer a wide variety of catering services for all types of events, so don’t be shy and call us at (619) 304-0450 or fill our online catering request form, and let’s make your parties easy, stress-free and absolutely delicious.

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