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Breakfast Ideas From Around the World

As the old adage goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why do we so often rush out the door without eating a proper meal? Many of us find ourselves in a breakfast rut, eating the same old, same old every morning. So why not get inspired by breakfasts from around the world? Taking a few extra minutes in the morning to try something new might be a fun way to eat a balanced meal - why not give it a try?

France: Crepes

These paper thin pancakes are a delicious savory way to start your day. The best part: you can customize with your favorite fillings! In France, crepes are topped or filled with all kinds of fantastic flavors. You could try a traditional crepe with ham, cheese, and Dijon mustard, or a tasty breakfast crepe with bacon, egg, and avocado. Perhaps best of all, you can make a sweet dessert crepe with chocolate and banana. You could also enjoy them with some simple butter and syrup - why not? You can’t go wrong with this light, airy delicacy

Delicious french crepes

Russia: Semolina porridge

Traditionally, Russians eat lots of porridge. This breakfast porridge, sometimes known as ‘manka,’ is a simple, creamy breakfast dish of milk, semolina, butter, and a bit of sugar. Semolina porridge was popular during hard times in the Soviet Union, as the dish was fairly inexpensive to make and could feed a large family. While the dish is very simple, it is notoriously difficult to make properly - made incorrectly, unpleasant lumps can form and ruin the texture of this milky porridge. Russians still eat plenty of the stuff, so why not try making Manka for a little taste of history. You can always top with fruit or berries to add a little extra color and flavor.

Russian semolina porridge  

England: Traditional English breakfast

If you have some time on the weekend, why not try a great big English breakfast? Locally made sausages and bacon are the protein that will stick to your bones, while some nicely roasted tomatoes and fried mushrooms help to balance all that grease. Warm baked beans and toast keep you full all day, and freshly cooked eggs round out this feast in style.

If you’re looking for a really authentic taste of England, you could include black pudding. This ‘delicacy’ is a dark colored sausage made of pig’s blood mixed with oats and some fat. Historically, the dish was created so that none of the animal would go to waste, and the tradition of black pudding continues to this day.

For some people, making an interesting, healthy breakfast can be a challenge. We are often in a rush, especially during the work week, and might need a little extra help. Sometimes a daily food service is a great option to help you and your family get a wholesome, simple start to your day.

Traditional english breakfast

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