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Easy Breakfast Ideas that will Surprise Your Friends

Surprising your friends with a delicious breakfast doesn’t have to be overly complicated. We naturally want to make something elaborate to impress the people we care about, but sometimes, quick and easy is very sophisticated.

Think Small

Before you get carried away with making a special breakfast, remember that the simplest foods can be delicious. Try to avoid dishes with more than three or four ingredients. If those ingredients can be dumped into a single dish and served, even better! The goal is to create something tasty and hassle-free.

Add a Touch of Berries

Berries are an excellent choice for a breakfast food. They are simple, colorful, and add a lot of flavor to an ordinary meal. While some people choose to garnish their pancakes or waffles with a few blueberries, you can easily prepare a fancy 2-ingredient meal: blueberries and cream. Mix any seasonal berries you can find to take your appetizing breakfast from drab to fab.

A True Morning Surprise

You don’t have to follow breakfast menu trends to create the perfect meal. The secret to making a truly memorable surprise is to catch someone off guard. If you invite a friend over for brunch, they expect to be served. If you show up to their house with a breakfast casserole, they will really be surprised!

Build Around a Theme

If you want your morning meal to truly be a success, think of a popular theme and incorporate it into your plans. Amaze your friends with a magical unicorn themed breakfast party or keep things very relaxed with a tranquil water theme. Get matching party plates and a menu if you are expecting a lot of guests. Match your culinary dishes to the theme. If you can’t think of food items that relate to your theme, come up with cute names for the food instead.

Experiment with Cooking Recipes

An early meal with your buddy is the perfect excuse to try something new. If you want something that will truly amaze them, you need to think outside of the box. Avoid traditional breakfast items and arrangements. Instead, try something a little more exotic, such as a breakfast pizza, burritos, or a parfait. This will allow you to create a memory of you and your friends trying something new. Even if it isn’t for you or it doesn’t turn out right, it still makes for a wonderful surprise.

Add a Dessert

Who says desserts are only for lunch and dinner? After a hearty meal, you and your friends can relax with something sweet. Even if you don’t want to serve traditional breakfast pastries like scones, muffins, or donuts, you can still incorporate some sweet treats into your menu. A simple blueberry cheesecake is a great example.

Try a Catering Service

If you are having trouble creating the perfect meal, don’t be afraid to bring in the. A catering service can help you make a real impression. Contact us to learn more and see just how amazing breakfast can become.

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