Catering in San Diego

At Coast Chef we believe that every event has its unique atmosphere and we do our best in working closely with clients to be able to reflect their character, values and desired mood through food. We prepare our meals with attention and care, from the highest quality products. Each meal is presented elegantly and artistically, and you can be sure that our catering services will make you look good.

We provide these services:

Customizations are always welcome and if you don’t find your event in this list, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. We offer free quotes so that you can know the cost of catering services for your event upfront, and depending on the size and other specifics of your event, we can arrange a tasting of your menu before you make a final decision.

San Diego catering services

Our team is very flexible, which is why we can offer you a full package of catering services, including serving, menu customizations, pickup and delivery options as well as a wide variety of professionally cooked meals. If you don’t find the services you need listed here, however, please contact us - we may be able to help you out anyway.

We offer these complementary catering services:

Serving. If you would like to relax at your event without having to worry about how and when the food should be served, we can offer a team of professional, highly trained servers. The number of servers varies from 2 to 10, depending on the specifics of your event, although the average is 3-4.

Menu customization. The menus on our site are some of our popular combinations. Menu substitutions and customizations are always welcome - just ask and we will gladly make the changes you want.

Vegetarian and Gluten Free options are available with all of our menus upon request - at no extra charge.

Catering to all locations. No matter if your event is located at a public or private place, we cater to all locations that allow caterers, including parks, beaches, your backyard, churches, recreation centers, and so on.

Pickup and Delivery options. Most of our menus are available for delivery or pickup for your convenience with a minimum of 25 guests. All of our meals are packed neatly for easy self service and you can find more details about this in our food catering delivery page.

Catering to all palates and tastes with our extensive menu options

Our catering menu includes various different dishes. From delicious appetizers and creative platters, to creative salads, tasty soups, satisfying entrees and beautiful desserts, our food can become the highlight of your event. And since exquisite meals are the key to creating a delightful atmosphere at any event, we always work hard to fit the unique needs of your gathering.

However, the menus shown on our website are just a selection of our most popular dishes and they are completely customizable to reflect your personal taste and character. Explore your creativity and tell us about what you want us to serve at your event. Spoiler alert: we will probably say “Yes!” to your ideas, since our team loves taking on new challenges.

Vegetarian and gluten free options are always available at no extra fee - simply inform us about your needs when you discuss your catering with us, and we will deliver.

Everything is possible with Coast Chef

Express your character and mood through the food at your event. Customized menus, savory meals, creative presentation, professional service - all this and more is what our catering company brings to your table. Let’s talk!