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17 Delicious Appetizers for your Summer Party

Your wedding is all about you, and this year’s wedding catering trends encourage you to make the food at your celebration truly unique. Couples are including all of their favorite meals in their menus, and celebrating who you are is the key to a trendy wedding this year. From brunch receptions, to champagne towers and custom-made cakes, weddings in 2017 are one of a kind.

Brunch weddings

Brunch weddings are making a splash this year, and if you are an early bird couple who want to add a unique twist to your special day – and get a jump on your honeymoon – you may want to consider this trend. Brunch weddings typically take place between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., and are increasing in popularity because they are typically less expensive and open up a variety of dishes you can serve your guests. Wedding catering for brunch time typically consists of light appetizers, such as fruit alongside juice, coffee and mimosas, the main dishes include anything from omelets, French toast and pancakes to any entrée you want. Then the classic dessert, coffee, and, of course, the wedding cake. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially on your wedding, so feel free to include everything you want in the buffet.

Food as an experience

Chefs mixing fresh, local ingredients on-site can be very entertaining for your guests, so if you are looking to add a dash of gourmet to your wedding, caterers preparing your food on-site can be a great experience for you and your loved ones. DIY bars are also making a comeback, so think about adding a mimosa bar, bubble bar or even taco and salad bars to your reception where guests can mix their own ingredients and enjoy cocktails and food they made themselves.


Champagne is a classic in weddings, and this year it’s getting more focus than ever. Think Gatsby-style champagne towers, bubbly cocktails, and, of course, mimosas. You can even use a bottle of your favorite sparkly as a guestbook and have your guests sign it as they enter reception, and then pop the bottle open on a special occasion, for example, your first anniversary, or, if you aren’t that patient, when you go through the wedding photos together for the first time.

Weddings that feel like home

Weddings in 2017 are getting more and more customized to represent the bride and the groom. Including snacks, dishes or drinks that remind you of your home state – or some special memories you shared together, your favorite meals, signature cocktails… Do you love homemade burgers? Donuts and chocolate chip cookies? There is absolutely no reason not to include them in the menu. It’s your special day, after all, and you absolutely deserve to feel at home during it.

Delicious wedding catering for the most special day of your lives

Want to create your unique wedding catering menu that includes all of the classics as well as your favorites? The Coast Chef team would be happy to cook for your special day. We love weddings and can make your day even more unique and worry-free with by assisting you in menu creation, creative meal presentation, on-site cooking and letting your guests truly experience the food. Simply call us at (619) 304-0450 or fill our online catering request form and our wedding caterers will do everything to accommodate your requests for the most special day of your lives.

Everything is possible with Coast Chef

Express your character and mood through the food at your event. Customized menus, savory meals, creative presentation, professional service - all this and more is what our catering company brings to your table. Let’s talk!